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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Your air conditioning is acting up, what should you do? Do you call an HVAC professional? Do you sulk in excessive worry? You’re in the middle of summer and you really need your air conditioning to be working – What should you do?

Look, relax. It could just be a minor glitch that you can fix on your own. Not all A/C problems require a call to your technician. If a little air conditioner troubleshooting is all it needs, then by all means, do it. Here are some tips and tricks that could help you save the hassle and money:

  1. Clean it up

Sometimes dirt and dusts can build up in your system. It does not only affects air quality but it can also interfere with airflow. Once this happens, it may be incapable of cooling your space efficiently. So if you’ re feeling really hot despite the fact that your air conditioner id turned all the way up, dust and dirt buildup could be the culprit.

Another sign that dust and dirt is messing with you’re A/C is that it turns on and off frequently.

What you can do to improve airflow is to replace air filter on a regular basis. Then clean up your system. Start with cleaning the debris found in find of the outdoor condenser unit. Make sure that you use a stiff brush for this job.

Then, remove register and vent covers. Make sure that you wash the covers and clean all the accessible parts of the ducts using a vacuum.

To rid the indoor evaporator coil of dust, use condensed air or foaming coil cleaner.

  1. Assess the condensate pump

If your condensate pump is not functioning properly, it also affects you’re a/Cs ability to cool and dehumidify a space. You can keep your air conditioner on all day long and you still feel hot and uncomfortable.

Check the water in the condensate pan. If it’s below the pan and you don’t hear the pump kick on, it’s time to call a heating and cooling professional to handle this for you.

  1. Check the thermostat’s heat anticipator

Make sure that you adjust this. How?

  • Find the small disc inside your thermostat. It is marked with numbers
  • If your air conditioner cycles on and off frequently, just move the lever on the disc toward the longer mark
  • If your air conditioning system cannot seem to cool down your space and it can’t seem to nail the right temperature, move the lever away from the longer mark.
  1. Assess the size of your A/C

People always make the mistake of purchasing an air conditioning system that’s either too small or too large for their space. They have this notion that if they use an oversized system, it can handle the hottest days better. This actually poses a lot of problem.

For instance if your system cycles frequently and cannot dehumidify your room well, you might have a problem with sizing. Your system may be oversized.

Let’s say that you have a very old A/C unit, say 10 to 15 years old, you might want to consider upgrading. Find a system that runs smoothly, runs with minimal energy consumption and most importantly, can cool your room efficiently. Talk to your technician and make sure he sizes your system correctly. If not, you will have a lot of problem in the future.

Having said all these, if our troubleshooting tips cannot solve your problems, don’t hesitate to contact your technician and talk it over with him. Professional technicians will give you the best advice.