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Air Conditioning Installations

Air conditioning is one of the most important investment you can have in hour home.

And doing it right is as important because it will affect your comfort and finances for years. The SEER rating is very important because this will tell you how much mo ey you can dave from energy cost. However, efficiency and ROI shouldn’t be the only thing you have to consider. There are other factors that you need to check and talk with your heating and cooling professional before you have anything installed in your home:

  1. Sizing

Many people make the mistake of buying and installing a new A/C system without regard to its size and even the size of the space that it is assigned to cool. The size of a system refers to its cooling output. Can it cool down your space without overworking itself, which in turn means more energy consumption?

Should you go with the size of your old air conditioning system or does it need some adjustment in terms of sizing? What you can do is talk to a professional Hvac professional. He can determine the right heating and cooling size or load for your home.

Heating and cooling professionals will typically ask probing questions to determine your home’s load. For instance, they will ask about your previous cooling bills to check if your system is eating up a lot of energy. They might ask about comfort issues, if you have some. And they might ask about whether or not you’ve done some home energy upgrades to tighten the envelope.

  1. Ductwork Design

You might think that ductwork is not important, but it is. An efficient ductwork design is very important to the success of your air conditioning installation. Why? Because if you have leaky and improperly installed ducts, your system can lose 30% of its efficiency. You may have the right sizing but still pay more in energy cost because your ductwork isn’t good. In the long run, you will eventually be burdened by parts that fail early because of this problem. Make sure that you emphasize this with your outside the living spaces.

  1. Check airflow

When your have the right A/C sizing, efficient ductwork design and good blower motor, you will enjoy good airflow within your home. The furnace blower or the blower motor is evaluated as soon as you’ve selected you’re a/C system just to ensure  that you have the right one.

  1. Refrigerant change

Refrigerants must be measured during installation to make sure you’re installing the right one. Why? Because a slight discrepancy can render your system inefficient and could lead to higher energy bills and pressure on your components.