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Mini Split HVAC System

With the complete satisfaction and the assured service delivery, we take care of your heating and cooling equipment. We fall under the category of City’s leading Mini Split HVAC System related service provider.

We offer the quality repair, installation and other related cooling and heating services by providing the best experts and technicians. If any of your furnace or the cooling systems breakdowns or isn’t working properly, you need to have the proper professional help to mend it with reliability and safety.

In the cold and chilling weather you must have a properly installed and working furnace to keep your house warm and in a balanced temperature flow. We take care of all the residential as well as commercial furnaces.

Again in the hot and humid summers, you should have the central air unit, heat pumps or Mini Split HVAC System rather than getting installed the window units. It’s our responsibility to assure you that the proper air conditioning service is delivered for efficient and effective flow of the system.

What are the Mini Split HVAC System?

Mini Split HVAC System provides the one stop solution for both heating and cooling requirements. The machine is installed and utilized in a room unit, where a single air handler is mounted and connected to a main compressor unit that is kept outdoor, electrical wires and the other refrigerant tubes. Each indoor unit circulate air in each of the rooms where the handler is connected, providing and adding the heat or removing heat as per the weather condition. This mini split HVAC system is one of the best one stop solution for the heating and cooling requirements for residential and commercial both.

Benefits of the Mini Split HVAC System?

Mini split HVAC system has a lot of benefit over the other air conditioning systems. Its attractive and unique design with the efficient flow and usage of the energy makes it more acceptable.

Each unit can be adjusted on its own required temperature. The Mini Split HVAC system is effective as we have the control over the main switch zone that does not allow to waste energy on the unnecessary cooling and heating of the unoccupied areas. The flow is direct in this case, as the air doesn’t travel through the duct that can lose energy.

Installation of the Mini Split HVAC System

Most of the home owners prefer to have the ductless mini split HVAC system. Older homes and the one that don’t have the ducts, this ductless system is preferred. Installation is also easy as compare to the heavy ducts. We just need the proper measurements and the continued flow of electricity and few connections. Outdoor unit is connected to the wall mounted units or the machine by the tubes and the electrical wires. Each unit has its own thermostat that allows it to cool and heat as per the requirement.

Troubleshooting your Ductless Mini Split HVAC System:

As all the machine requires repair and maintenance so do the mini split HVAC systems requires. It break downs and also need the identification of the problem. If the air conditioner is not providing the appropriate heat or not cooling as per the temperature set, that it needs a check. Our team of experts are highly trained professional that come with the quick repair solution. All you need is just call us for the maintenance.

We are available 24*7 for the emergency on call. There can be various reasons for the non-working systems.

There are few step by step method for the repair of the Mini Split HVAC System.

1) Check the power supply cable: Mostly wall based power is supplied to the machine and unit mounted. Be sure of the cord that is plugged on properly without any circuit trip which could be a reason for the improper power flow. Even check for the batteries of the remote which could have been exhausted.

2) Dirty Filters and the Vent Window: When the Air conditioning takes place in the mini split HVAC system, the dust ids attracted and pulled every time we switch it on. Over a period of time, this dust and dirt can build up and interfere in the cooling process. Keep a track of the filter cleaning for the uninterrupted energy flow.

3) Refrigerant Leaks: One of the major reason for the inefficient air flow might be the leakage in the refrigerant tubes. It circulates the coolant from indoor to outdoor units via cable and the wires that keeps the machine active and working. When the wires or worn by the weather or by the pets, this leakage issue can occur. If your ductless mini split HVAC system doesn’t flow the same air as it should, than call for the professional team to check the leakage and repair.